Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Way Their Hair Quickly And Naturally

The Way Their Hair Quickly And Naturally - Many women crave longer hair because it can be an attraction and make it look pretty. If you belong to one of them, understand how to lengthen your hair with a quick and healthy can help manifest your desires.
The Way Their Hair Quickly And Naturally
Hair growth, among others, is influenced by age, hair type, as well as the condition of your health. In addition, the hair growth is also affected by diet. So the food you consume into nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

Increase hair growth with food. Here are some types of food you can consume to maintain hair health and help hair growth:

Chicken meat
So that the hair can grow well and didn't fall out, then the required food containing protein. Chicken meat without fat can be a source of protein for your hair.

Not only is the chicken, it turns out that the benefits of eggs can also help hair growth because it contains protein, iron, and B vitamins are good for hair.

Like other green veggies, a nice spinach consumed to keep the scalp moist so that the hair is not easily broken. Spinach contains folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and beta carotene.

With the content of omega 3 fatty acids, the benefits of salmon can make your hair shiny and looks healthy.

Guavas are good for the hair because it contains a lot of vitamin c.

The benefits of cinnamon can improve the circulation of the blood circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Care For Hair Lengthening
In addition to consuming foods that can support the growth and health of hair, You can also do natural treatments to stimulate the growth of your hair. One way with the use of coconut oil. Hair treatment with coconut oil can be done at home before going to bed.

Use coconut oil on the hair and scalp, and then wrap your hair with a headscarf to shower, then wash the next day. Coconut oil has a structure of fatty acids and can easily seep into the hair shaft, so it can repair damaged hair or easily broken.

Avoid things that can Hinder hair growth
In order for hair growth is not impeded, you also need to pay close attention to daily habits. This is because there are some habits that may be damaging to the hair and inhibit the growth of hair, among others:

Overuse of hair dryer.
Overuse of a tool to straighten hair. Too frequent shampooing and combing of the hair.
Hair care with the use of chemicals. Too often do the coloring the hair with hair dye.
Some of the above habits can cause dry hair and lose its natural oils.
The friction arising at a time when combing hair making risky also broke and could damage the cuticles on hair. If you're forced to use a hair dryer, we recommend using the lowest heat to minimize damage to your hair.

Lengthen the hair quickly and healthy through adequate nutrient intake, coupled with good care. Also avoid some of the habits that may inhibit the growth of hair.

That's The Way Their Hair Quickly And Naturally. Thank you.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eating

Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eating - whether the child mother is often hard to eat? If Yes, it means that the natural mother is almost the same as complained by the other parent. May our Lady has done a variety of ways so that the liver will eat fruit, but it turned out the way that the mother did not manage to make children want to eat.

The cause of the children of hard-packed can be caused by several factors, could have been due to physical factors and psychological factors even in children. If the problem comes from physical factors, usually because there are disturbances in the digestive organs or it could be that there is an infection in the body.
Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eating
As for the psychological factors include psychological disorders because of the children, such as caused by a troubled household conditions, a less pleasant dining atmosphere, never eat with parents, and children were forced to eat food that is not preferred.

Such problems are indeed reasonable, and usually when he entered the first year. The problem is usually because don't like vegetable, just eat the food linger or because the children just want to eat it-that's it. If the condition is continuous like this of course makes parents so concerned the adequacy of nutrition fruit heart, remember they are still in a period of growing flowers.

If so, how to cope with a difficult child or hard-packed? There are a few tips that can apply, try  mother tips who can refer to the mother as follows:

1. try to serve food with small portions only.
Try the mother giving food in children with only a portion of the stomach, given the small yet capable of accommodating food too much. Try give the food little by little until he wants to eat.

2. Serve with interest.
Children tend to prefer the look of interest. Let the children want to eat, try the food menu serve children with exciting forms and display. The mother can form the food with a variety of characters, such as a teddy bear or a small duck.

3. Vary the food menu.
Try the mother make some menu options the foods, let the child's mother chose fruit food which she liked. So the child will prefer the food in accordance with the choice.

4. set the meal schedule.
Try to arrange the time packed with regular, this is useful so that the little accustomed to the time normally ate. Try to always eat together so that the atmosphere becomes more enjoyable.

5. Make a fun dining atmosphere.
Remember. To avoid scaring children Yes I'll want to eat more. With scaring even threatened the child will feel that meal times are an unpleasant moment. This is very dangerous on the psychological. So make the dining atmosphere is enjoyable as possible.

6. give healthy snacks.
If a child enters the age of 2 years, certainly the little more active and do not want to silence might make it difficult to sit quietly and eat sweet. To like the other, give it a healthy snack with a diverse but small portions. Potato balls-like content of carrot and minced meat, cheese, doughnut tabor sus mini chocolate fla contents, and so on.

7. Engage the children to prepare meals.
The child's mother to take the plunge into the kitchen help mother cooking, although only helps get the fruit or vegetable and help prepare a meal on a table to eat. That way, the children will also think about foods that are processed, and lusting with food that she though.

8. Do not force or threatening.
As in the above 5 points to make it a fun dining atmosphere. We recommend that you avoid the style of force in persuading and threatened the child. During meal times, minimize disruption, for example turn off the television and keep the books or toys from the dinner table.

9. Limit the giving of drinks in between meals.
Low-fat drink or fresh fruit juice is very important for the growth of children, but when too much to drink when eating, there will not be enough places for food or a healthy snack can enter into the child's belly. So, limit the granting of drinking when the children were eating.

Well, with nine tips on how to let children want to eat above hopefully can help problems of mother Yes.. Read important negative effect if often snapped this child mother, let us be more careful in educating children

That's about Tips on Coping with difficult Children Eating. Thank you very much.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

7 Green coconut water benefits for the health

7 Green coconut water benefits for the health of the body very much - Green coconut water or young coconut can neutralize toxins in the body. Toxins from a chemical carried in foods that we consume, toxic because of the activities we like the habit of smoking, drinking liquor or consume drugs, can be neutralized by the Green coconut water.

Coconut water is one of the drinks that are in great demand in Indonesia, besides the taste is fresh and sweet, it turns out he also keeps a myriad of benefits that are essential to the human body. Benefits of coconut water for health body is very much at all, people Generally know the coconut water is beneficial for prevent dehydration.

Indeed there is no doubt, as the benefits of other fruit and benefits of Dragon fruit, coconut fruits contain much of the other benefits. Currently many food products and drinks are indeed made from coconuts that much interest so that facilitate people to drink coconut water and consuming other foods made of coconut fruit in everyday life they .

7 Green coconut water benefits for the health
The following are some of the benefits of a green coconut water for Your body's health.

  1. Green coconut water is effective as a diuretic, i.e. to facilitate the spending of urine. Coconut water mixed with a little lemon juice can be helpful to overcome dehydration and also to combat the worm in the digestion disorders of small children.
  2. Green coconut water mixed with milk is very good for children's meals. Mix the coconut water have efficacy for preventing clotting of the milk in the stomach, preventing the onset of vomiting, constipation, and indigestion.
  3. Coconut water is also effective as a remedy. Drinking coconut water can help overcome the influence of toxins due to the drug sulfa antibiotic and others. With the help of coconut water that drugs are more quickly absorbed the blood.
  4. Nutritious coconut water for beauty. Wash your face regularly with the use of coconut water daily can heal and overcome the problem of acne, eliminate freckles, reduce wrinkles on the face, the skin is dry, and make white face glow.
  5. Coconut water can also serve as tonikum. The herb mixture of coconut water with a little honey is cheap but nutritious tonikum. This herb can stimulate sexual centers of the body and increase sexual arousal naturally.
  6. Green coconut water can be beneficial as a medicinal drug cuts, chapped feet, and as a remedy for eczema on the legs.
  7. Young coconut juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder and water whiting is a drug burn. This herb can get rid of the heat on the soles of the feet and hands.

In addition it is consumed as a food source, the Green coconut store various properties. By knowing the Green coconut water benefits for the health of the body, we can more optimally utilizing the Green coconut.

We sincerely hope the article 7 Benefits and the benefits of ice With (young coconut water) for health above can be useful education especially for readers and generally for the whole community.

That's 7 Green coconut water benefits for the health. thank you.

Friday, January 19, 2018

5 Benefits of soy milk for pregnant women

5 Benefits of soy milk for pregnant women - Milk is a drink which has a high protein intake. Not only high protein in the milk, there are also other nutrients such as the content of vitamins and phytonutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body. There are two types of milk that can be consumed by humans, i.e. milk derived from animal protein and dairy products that are derived from plant-based protein.

The milk that comes from animal protein, consisting of cow's milk, buffalo milk and goat's milk. While milk is derived from vegetable protein, such as milk and soy bean milk of almonds. In Indonesia alone, the country's soy bean milk is processed into various variants, like the original, chocolate, strawberry, ginger and more. All of these variants have the delicacy.

Not only delicious to consume, soy milk also has many benefits that are beneficial to the health of the body, especially for pregnant women. Inside there are soy milk nutritional form of folic acid, calcium, protein, vegetable fat, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin E so that is very good for the health of pregnant women and pregnant. Soy milk can also be used as an alternative option for those who have an allergy to animal protein.

Citing information from, here's some of the benefits of soy milk for the health of pregnant women. This is 5 benefits of soy milk for pregnant women:

1. Help the development of the baby's Brain and Nerves
Soy milk has a content of folic acid which is quite high. The content of folic acid works to help the development of nerve and brain so that a baby was born with a healthy brain, then gradually the folic acid can increase the level of his intelligence.

2. Sufficient Vitamin Intake
Inside there is soy content of some vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin e. vitamin that can meet the required vitamin intake by pregnant women and the development of pregnant.

3. Make A Fetus Develops Optimal
Soy milk has protein which consists of, lysine, arginine, glycine and teronin. All of these protein content has the ability to control the organs of the fetus in order to develop a healthy, complete and optimal.

4. Source Of Energy
While pregnant, a woman becomes quickly fatigued while doing the activity especially during heavy activity. Getting pregnant is not an excuse for lazy, because pregnant women should keep exercising and moving in order for the process to be smooth labor. To make it happen, pregnant women require more energy intake. That energy can be obtained by consuming soy milk.

5. Reduce The Levels Of Bad Cholesterol
Soy milk has a vegetable fat that serves to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Pregnant women who had high cholesterol levels will impact badly on his body and the health of the fetus in her womb. Therefore, it is recommended to consume soy milk.

Pregnant women require more nutrients compared to women who are not pregnant. Although soy milk has a lot of benefits for pregnant women, but pregnant women should still be sufficient need other nutrients such as vegetable and fruit consumption increased. And don't forget to keep a running pattern of healthy living, i.e. with the rest on a regular basis, sufficient fluid requirements needed by the body, not the lazy move, do not consume excessive amounts of caffeine, no smoking and no consume food or drinks containing alcohol. To ensure that the fetus was growing healthily, did regular examination i.e. by doing an ULTRASOUND for a minimum of 6 months. When things happen that strange, we recommend that you consult with your obstetrician fast.

In order to get maximum results from soy milk, should remain consumption in reasonable levels. Because, everything is used and consumed in excess will not give good results. Another important thing that also is not less important to note is, be sure to consume the original soy milk and freed from a mixture of ingredients that are harmful to the health of pregnant women and pregnant. In order to ensure authenticity, should make their own soy milk from soya bean juice.

That's about 5 Benefits of soy milk for pregnant women. Thank you.

Monday, June 19, 2017

6 Plum Tomatoes for Health Benefits

6 Plum Tomatoes for Health Benefits - Tomato is a plant that was first discovered in South America, are still allied with eggplant, potatoes, and red or green bell pepper. Tomato fruit because of its structure, including having the meat and beans are safe if ingested.
6 Plum Tomatoes for Health Benefits
However, until the modern is still a lot of people who think the tomato as a vegetable, probably because one of its functions as a vegetable salad. Tomato is very popular in the world, especially in Indonesia, which has long been cultivated for a long time.

One thing that is less favored than tomato is weak lasting power, so easily broken. For durability, the tomatoes must be frozen at a few steps starting with selecting, washing, soaking, boiling, peeling, and end up with frosting in the refrigerator.

Content Of Tomato Fruit
In fruits are the different compounds that are useful for retaining the function of organs and streamline the current system. Most content is vitamin C and water, when the two collaborated on the body, then there will be benefits for beauty, the tomatoes shrink pores and brightens the skin. In addition to use as a seasoning or sauce or vegetable salads complement, tomatoes are often used as ingredients or the cosmetic mask creation of some famous products. Tomatoes are making a mask is meant to address a variety of health-related problems on the face and the back shows the beauty that should be there.

Tomato Benefits For Health
During these people only know that in addition to the uses or benefits associated with tomato dishes beauty treatments. It is true, but doctors agree when it is said that the tomato is more beneficial for health.

Therefore, here are all the benefits of the tomato starting from health, skin care, hair, face, and also comes with how to make tomato mask to brighten the skin.

1. Reduce fat content causes obesity
In the previous article, the fat is said to trigger high blood pressure and increase the weight. To reduce the amount of fat that accumulates in the body, it takes the hard work of a variety of efforts such as exercise and dietary arrangements.

If you've had a lot of practice, but the weight will not come down, trying to help with the regular consumption of tomatoes before the exercise. Tomatoes do not contain fat, it's high in protein, carbs, and calories. Three nutrients has an important role in weight issues, you can organize them by doing the motion activity such as running, gym, etc.

2. Help your muscle Formation
Skinny guy gets hard to get the attention of womenfolk, that's why many of them are willing to spend a lot of the cost only to form the body into an ideal posture. Are you one of them?

If Yes, then you should know that in addition to training the body by lifting weights, there are other things to do, namely to break. During sleep, the muscles that have been damaged will be reassembled to form a more perfect. You should know also that the perfection of the shape of the muscles is also influenced by certain types of food.

food in there favor the formation of muscles, and one of them is the tomatoes. This is because the tomato as a natural source of protein-rich, easily obtainable by means of processing that's easy too. So, before and after exercise, it doesn't hurt you to eat a slice of tomato to increase the chances of success of the formation of athletic posture.

3. Prevent Cancer
Thanks to the antioxidants contained in tomatoes, serious diseases such as cancer of the breast, colon, and lung cancer can be treated effectively with this fruit.

That statement is the conclusion of a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that there is a relationship between intake of tomatoes with reduced risk of cancer. Which of 72 studies, there are 52 research suggesting that consumption of tomatoes with proper and sufficient quantities can reduce the risk of cancer of the pancreas, breast, colon (gastrointestinal), also in Estonia.

4. free radical Capturer
medical experts or specialists provide confidence flavonoids and zea xanthin-in ward off free radicals. Both of these compounds are antioxidants that are most abundant in tomatoes.

5. Keep teeth and bones strong and healthy
The tomato is the supplier of calcium which is used to maintain the bone that is not easily chipped, also strengthens teeth and keeping them healthy. At the time of bone formation, calcium is necessary to obtain a perfect result.

6. To counteract the causes of cholesterol Control hypertension (high blood pressure)
The body store two types of cholesterol, the good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). The amount of good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol should be more than the amount of bad cholesterol, if not then there are hypertension or high blood pressure.

How to treat high blood pressure can be preceded by an easy effort, like eating tomatoes regularly. The reason choosing tomatoes as food should be consumed is stored in mineral content in tomatoes helps regulate the amount of cholesterol that circulates in the blood.

So, if you intend to give vitamin intake for the body by way of tomato consumption. Eating a reasonable amount, according to You by increasing the dosage of consumption would make the body more healthy, but not because it can destroy hope.

It would be better if you just take the benefits of tomatoes with the use of externally, for example, make cream or mask to treat skin to stay healthy, clean, supple, toned, smooth and glowing.

That's about 6 Plum Tomatoes for Health Benefits. Thank you.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Some of The Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Banana

Some of The Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Banana - When did some of us might enjoy the Compote. There are usually a variety of kolak, one is a banana. This fruit is very suitable a wide variety of food, among others; banana compote, caramel, banana fritters, molen, and other processed.
Some of The Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Banana

In addition many banana fruit contains high nutritional value as well. Offered from (4/6/2017) that in the waste bananas, there is a high nutrient substances, among others; vitamins B and C, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and fiber. Banana fruit also has many benefits including:
  • 1. as a source of energy required by the body.
  • 2. help the digestive system to prevent constipation.
  • 3. give the immune system of the body.
  • 4. help nourish muscles.
  • 5. reduce the risk of developing stroke.
  • 6. help kidney function in filtering the blood.
  • 7. assist the process of the formation of red blood cells.
But behind the row of the benefits and usefulness of this banana fruit turns out if consumed in excess will have an impact is not good for the body. Offered from (4/6/2017) to consume excessive banana fruit will cause some side effects. Here are some of the side effects of consuming excessive banana;

1. Headaches or migraines
Bananas also contain amino acids, if consumed excessively will cause head dizziness or migraines. Since this amino acid can cause the blood vessels to become dilated.

2. To cause drowsiness
Banana in the flesh there is substance to tryptophan. These substances can cause us to feel excessive drowsiness. If tryptophan enters substance in our body meningkatknya will cause excessive production of serotonin. This can trigger drowsiness. In addition to its high magnesium content in bananas can also relaxes muscles. And if the entry of excessive magnesium can cause excessive drowsiness as well.

3. the Hyperkalemia
In the banana fruit tekandung of potassium and potassium is high. The substances potassium is actually good for keeping fitness and body health, but excessive if consumed would be bad also, one is hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a condition in which the heartbeat irregular beats, paralyzed while, muscle weakness, and low blood pressure. Even this could cause heart disease.

4. Can damage the nervous system
Diet community usually by using bananas as food intake. Indeed many bananas contain vitamin B6 yangbaik for the health of the body. But if consumed in excess will cause deadly muscle and cause permanent damage to the nervous system. This small thing happens because nerve damage if consuming bananas more than 100 in a day.

5. Improve blood sugar levels
Offered from (4/6/2017) recommended for diabetics to avoid eating bananas. Because in bananas contain natural sugar called glucose. If PAL consuming bananas in large quantities, it would trigger a rise in blood sugar levels in the body.

That's some side effects that could be caused from consuming excessive banana fruit. Preferably in consuming this banana fruit to taste only, maximum of 3 bananas a day. In order for the above side effects do not interfere with our health. May be useful.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tips On Maintaining Weight Remains Ideal For Fast

Tips On Maintaining Weight Remains Ideal For Fast - "Eat with sweet ..." So roughly a glimpse of commercial advertising that is familiar in our ears. How to order?
Yes, consuming food or drink is sweet when breaking the fast indeed recommended. Why? Because after fasting all day, blood sugar levels continue to decline.
Tips On Maintaining Weight Remains Ideal For Fast
In the afternoon, even simply applied the more plummeting.

In effect, the body's metabolism slows down due to the body's energy is reduced. Glucose levels that SAG is sometimes make the head feels kleyengan and body limp.

That's why, said Dr. Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono MSc., p.., SP. GK, specialist nutrition clinic of MEDICINE, food or beverage sweet at a time when the fast is required so that glucose levels return to normal.

As a result, the body's return energized so you can carry out a follow-up activity with optimal, well it is Iftar and so on.

But it does not mean because recommended eating sweets, so there are no rules. Remain applicable terms and conditions to be aware of, namely the sweet menu but does not contain a lot of sugar and remain healthy.

No question about it, generally breaking the menu served is takjil such as kolak and others that in fact it tastes sweet. After that, dilanjut drinking coconut water also added sugar. Plus, there's also a plus sipped sweet tea. Hmm ...

"Actually consuming takjil when breaking the may-okay. Provided, no exaggeration. When too much sugar contain a lot of calories obtained automatically. Especially when not balanced by activities that burn calories, do not be surprised after underwent fasting month-thus weight increase. "

Select the fruit and dates

So sweet what suggested kala breaking? Primarily fruit or fruit juice. Because the fruit contains sugar, but healthy and well made body.

The fruit is most important because of the dense calories. Select containing plenty of fiber, low glycemic index, aiding the digestive process, high in vitamin C so that the optimal digestion process.

The fruits are rich in fiber are found in kiwi fruit, apples, pears, pomegranates, bananas, and strawberries.

"The fruit can be consumed directly or made juice. A glass of fruit juice is highly recommended for a sweet break menu. Fruit juice is able to replace sugar in the body that dropped during a day of fasting. But remember, do not add sugar again, yeah! "

In addition, the recommended sweet menu epoch dates is breaking. Why? Since dates contain a fairly high sugar at once a lot of fiber.

At least, in one of the fruit of the date palm contained 20 calories, carbohydrates 0.2 five grams and protein grams. Then the dates sort is great for breaking due to include complex carbohydrates and does not trigger a rise in sugar levels drastically.

Start with the Munchies

To note also the time of breaking the fast is preferably not directly consume heavy foods. You see, the body need adaptation with food.
Tips On Maintaining Weight Remains Ideal For Fast
Unfortunately, due to already hold a hungry day, many people have forgotten yourself so the film eat anything served at the dinner table with too fast.

the stomach can be volatile because of a sudden filled food that much after all this hour blank. This can result in impaired digestion process.

Then we recommend the Permian breaking entrails slowly so that the digestive and metabolic processes remain good. We recommend that the main meal consumed after Mecca for prayer.

Note The Nutrients

Another important thing, when looking at the food did not only sweet, but also make sure that the body gets all the nutrients.

That is, a complete meal contains carbohydrates, protein and animal fat, vegetable, vegetable and fruit, as well as drinking a sufficient amount of 1.5 – 2 liters per day.

"The principle is that healthy, fasting kala packed break 60% consisting of sweet food 15%, a full 30% of food is done after performing Maghrib, snacks 15% and drink 5 glasses."

That's Tips On Maintaining Weight Remains Ideal For Fast. Hope can useful for you. thanks

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tips to Cope with the Flu Naturally

Tips to Cope with the Flu Naturally - Flu or influenza is common at the moment someone experiencing body condition or durability of the body are weak especially when cold or rainy season, so our bodies become less fit.
Tips to Cope with the Flu Naturally
The symptoms of influenza and diseases between  "common cold"  "is indeed similar. Hence many of the viral disease is not called influenza flu.

Between the flu and the usual salesma there is actually a difference. Knowing the difference between flu and salesma can help us prevent contracting the virus.

The flu
The body of the hot and cold and chills, fatigue, pain in muscles, and tightness in the chest, is your symptoms of contracting the flu.

When the flu, one can also experience a fever of up to 38 degrees Celsius and feel weak. Other symptoms that appear are cough, face flushed, and nasal congestion.

Rest is the main flu drug. In some cases, the drug can indeed shorten a pain. If flu symptoms feels intrusive, check with your doctor.

The right medicine for flu is antiviral, not antibiotics. New antibiotics are given if his illness grew worse, e.g. sputum mixed with blood.

Drugs for the flu could also prevent complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and prevent a worsening of chronic diseases that have already suffered, such as asthma.

Be careful taking the swine flu drug is sold freely because if you are taking any other medications, there is a possibility that the same drug dose taken twice.

When we experience the pain of the flu would have bother of everyday activities and make people around us to be disturbed, especially if we keep sneezing make people will attempt to steer clear of us because the virus causes the flu will spread to people through the air when we sneeze.

There are some tips to overcome the flu naturally:

1. Frequently drink water white
Drinking plenty of water about 2 liters per day will be very good for health because by drinking lots of water will get rid of toxins in our body and helps to get rid of the flu, we can also drink warm water so that our body becomes more warm.

2. Sufficient rest
When we have the flu then the body needs enough rest which is about 7 to 8 hours per day, avoid sleeping too late and if possible sleep during the day will help enhance the durability of our body.

3. Set up a pattern of healthy eating
When we have the flu then the body needs dietary intake of healthy and nutritious such as fruits and vegetables are healthy because they contain a lot of nutrients so that the body becomes more powerful than the attacks of the disease and avoid procrastinating hours packed when you eat enough then can increase the durability of the body against the attacks of the disease.

4. Consume honey
Honey is a natural remedy to increase the durability of the body besides honey can also help dispose of toxins in the body and help cope with the attack of the disease in the body.

5. Consume ginger
Ginger is a spice that can make the body becomes warm in addition to that ginger can help overcome the flu, you can merebusnya and drink ginger boiled water.

6. A warm bath
If we try to avoid the flu was having come into contact with something cold, warm shower will certainly help overcome my cold in the body and will help overcome the flu.

That's a couple of tips to cope with the flu naturally so that the flu can be resolved soon and not experiencing lingering flu.
May be useful.

Tips to look younger naturally

Tips to look younger naturally -  looks young and fresh naturally become coveted bagisetiap person, but many of the factors that cause a person to become visible is older than age actually, could be due to heredity, unhealthy lifestyle or it could be due to certain diseases so that the face and appearance becomes visible.
Tips to look younger naturally

Actually to be able to have a fresh and healthy skin is not as difficult as we think, enough to just do a very simple thing then we can perform or look younger and besides our bodies also remain healthy and fit, want to know what are the tips to look younger naturally?

Here's the tips to look younger naturally:

1. sleep enough and quality
The body requires adequate rest and quality every day so that we can wake up the next morning with a healthy body and fresh, sleep 7 to 8 hours per day very useful help in the production of growth hormone in order to run properly, and these very hormones needed by the body to regenerate cells and production of when we take a break.

People that lack of sleep will be at risk of experiencing a lack of growth hormone so that it will lead to body fat into height and muscle mass will be lower, and it will certainly affect our physical appearance becomes visible slack and looks to be older.

2. Drink plenty of plain water
When we drink water will then transport the oxygen to the skin and this will affect the appearance of being seen more fresh, healthy and younger looking, but should avoid water containing with excessive caffeine, alcohol, and other diuretic compounds because it will result in dehydration of the skin and the skin of the face becomes visible.

3. Consume vegetables and fruits
Many consume vegetables and fruits will be very beneficial for the body because vegetables and fruits contain high antioxidant compounds that could fight the cancer cells so you'll look more youthful, antioxidants is a very nutrient needed by the body to neutralize free radicals and compounds that damage the cells causes the face look older, wrinkled and dry.

4. avoid direct sun shares affected
Sunlight is indeed good for the body as a source of vitamin D is needed by the body but the Sun pagilah the best, when it is noon until late afternoon sunlight will be able to damage the skin, how to cope with it use skin moisturizer containing SPF skin in order to be protected from UV rays.

5. Stay away from cigarette smoke
For surely the smokers of cigarette smoke that it is not good for your body and skin due to compounds in cigarette smoke that are carcinogens or may cause cancer can damage the health of the body and also the skin.

For those of you who don't smoke should avoid places where a lot of people who were smoking, so that smoke does not give harm to your skin.

6. Routine exercise
If you rarely exercise or may never work out then your body becomes weak and sick because of easy with exercise is beneficial to maintaining the functions of the tubih longer and the body will be healthier and look younger.

Exercise is also beneficial to get rid of body fat which is a factor in the causes of obesity, which will usually make a person become visible more older, besides exercising then the muscles will become more toned and healthy.

That's the Tips to look younger naturally it is important to note, that when we do as mentioned above, our body will be healthier and looks more youthful.
May be useful.

The benefits of drinking coffee to prevent senility

The benefits of drinking coffee to prevent senility - The benefits of drinking coffee for the body would have many known as providing energy when moving and makes us will continue to be maintained and in addition can also raise the mind to focus more, all of it due to the influence of caffeine found in coffee so that coffee is the most popular drink most people especially to be consumed in the morning.
The benefits of drinking coffee to prevent senility
But not only that with routine drinking coffee every day at young time turned out to be very influential as well for our health in old age so that we can avoid senility and alzheimer's disease, based on the research ever undertaken in the United Kingdom against the coffee time consuming hobby of his, about 3 to 5 cups every day turns out proves that when entering the age of people who like to consume the coffee can avoid the risk of alzheimer's disease were exposed to 20%.

The benefits of drinking coffee with senility and alzheimer's disease apparently influenced by compounds of polyphenols contained in coffee as a beneficial antioxidant to protect the health of the brain, and the caffeine content in coffee is also useful to prevent the formation of amyloid plaque and prevent the occurrence of damage to neurofibrulary which causes the onset of alzheimer's disease.

This type of coffee is generally divided into 4 types of coffee that is
  • Coffee Arabica (Coffee Arabica)
  • Robusta Coffee (Coffee Cannephora)
  • Excelsa Coffee (Coffee Dewevrei)
  • Coffea Liberica (Coffee Liberica)
From among all the types of coffee that produces the best coffee is kind of Coffea Liberica, whereas in Indonesia alone produces coffee Arabica coffee that produces a type of options such as Gayo, Mandaling, Kintamani, Mangkuraja, Java and Kalosi, and there are more including coffee special and rare Civet coffee is coffee Arabica types which are included.

Although consume coffee good for health but surely we should limit the consume of coffee per day, at least 1 to 2 cups of coffee per day is enough because if too much even less good for our health, because it can create heart pounding and keeps awake.

That's the benefit of drinking coffee for health especially for maintaining health of senility and alzheimer's disease, coffee good for health as long as it is consumed to taste only.
May be useful.